Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She Broke Both of her Thanksgiving Drumsticks

My parents moved to Africa last Spring to pursue a Dairy Consulting job of my Dad's. This is all fine and good. I'm very happy for them. But as it turns out, it's the final straw that broke my (get-out-of-hosting-the-holidays-at-my-house) camel's back.

Back when we were newly-weds, didn't have kids and both our families liked us, we would joke in the early Fall to our parents that "whoever asks us first, gets us," as if it were a prize. 12 years have gone by, and many grand-kids now stand in the way of us being even slightly important to either sets of parents. We're most likely seen as an annoyance. I've known this for many years, but I pretend not to notice for one reason alone. Thanksgiving should be left to the experts.

Since I haven't made mashed potatoes for at least 6 years (to the shock and awe of my farm-raised family) you really don't want me starting now. And I anticipate with IMMENSE pleasure, this feast that I can in no way replicate. And even if I could, the odds are slim that I would. It simply takes too much time and I have to buy a kitchen full of things that I never use 99% of the year.

This usually isn't a problem. I can weasel my way into either family's spread just fine. My sister, who is an excellent cook/chef/baker, etc. used to be my automatic holiday fall-out shelter. But three years ago she moved with her family to Malaysia also for a job opportunity. Aaron's parents would be the next logical choice, but my poor mother-in-law tripped on a curb, and broke both of her feet. It would feel strange to see her wheeling her wheel-chair into the dining room with the turkey on her lap, "Here it...(bump the corner of the hallway, back-up, re-roll)...IS!" Not to mention that Aaron's sister and her 6 year old daughter have recently moved in with my in-laws, so again it would be a real shame to force anything else on the poor woman.

So let's sum it up. My sister left, my mom has abandoned us for Africa and Sally broke her two drumsticks. Looks like it's all on me this year. Feel free to post any and all of your Thanksgiving recipes. I will be needing them. You can bet I'll over-consume some Cranky Mommy's Home-brew for the day...until I make the noon switchover to wine.

Here is the apron you too can wear if you are in a similar situation; your mom and sister move out of the country and your mother-in-law breaks both her feet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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