Friday, October 23, 2009

40 % off at King Soopers!!!

Grocery shopping today took on a new level of importance. I was nearing the end of my list (organized by aisle, West to East, of course) and I came upon what I'd been anticipating for the last two days ever since I saw the weekly King Soopers circular in my almost extinct newspaper. 40% off of all bags of coffee. FORTY PERCENT!!! Also take into consideration that I regularly clip (usually rip in half) coupons, so I had a Starbucks coupon, a Seattle's Best AND a Caribou! I was almost twitching with excitement as I perused the selection. Usually we buy the Starbucks cheap brand at Costco, but it doesn't really give me the same satisfaction of holding and smelling all those cute lil' bags. They are kind of like chubby little babies that in addition to keeping me up all night, happen to have the pleasant quality of smelling like coffee!

So I stocked up on two Starbucks Espresso Blends, used the Seattle's Best for my friend as part of her Fall/Housewarming present--Cinnabon flavor!!! Something my husband, Aaron would definitely frown upon saying, "It's all just processed flavorings. It's not even real coffee." But I'm no snob. I'm a sucker for artificial flavorings and preservatives when it comes to coffee...but strangely not cereal and they are housed in the same aisle. And then I got a Caribou breakfast blend that gave me warm happy thoughts of standing in line at D.I.A. waiting to get Caribou coffee with Aaron at 5 a.m. before our flight to Calf. a few years ago for a wine-revelry vacation.

The irony didn't escape me that what I saved in coupons, I undoubtedly burned through earlier in the day when I stopped at the drive-through Starbucks on Hwy 93 for a small, I mean TALL Caramel Macchiato. But still. It made me feel so thrifty. And all those chubby little coffee baby bags in my cart made me feel so maternal! And the more coffee I make at my house, the less I'm likely to stop at Starbucks, insuring that I may get to be a stay@home mom forever since we won't need a second income. Thanks, King Soopers!

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  1. ha!

    i am your first stalker!!!!!!
    congrats, lady, this looks awesome. i am so proud of you!
    can't wait to drink some coffee together soon.
    (maybe we can even ride again someday)
    oh, and i hope that the mysterious friend for whom you purchased adv. in bs will watch it with you!